Spider Snack

Spider Snack Item


Enter Redeem-A-Code CMNJGGE to unlock the Spider Snack item

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I saw someone who had just used this snack to turn into a Shaggy Spider.

I challenged him to a duel and won… and then afterward the spider effect had warn off him completely.

So, it looks like these animal effect items only last until you go into a mini-game or perhaps get knocked out.


Nope i am the Wolf and i have been in the mini game and deied and i am still the wolf but i just logeed off and i don’t know if i am still a wolf

Raven Graylarke

I’d like to know more codes for the animals; the wolf, goat, spider, etc. because if there are two codes for the froggy fries, shouldn’t there be at least two codes for everything else!?


how do you become the animal????/

hey listen how do u get more than one use on some thing

i will love new codes plz

can i know more codes plz

hey can i have more codes plz and thx

i wish the spider snack lasted forever


OMG DUDE Thanks for the advice :)

i’m upset now dang spider snack

well it was fun while i had it

thats why i’m upset :C


I don’t know about the other snacks but with the bark mint (code:barkbark) it lasts for 30 minutes. But if you want to change back right away, go to the corner where your job is. Under it should be the theatre masks. If you scroll over it tells you how much time left. And when you scroll over there appears to be an ‘x’ in the corner. Click it and you will turn back to normal.


There are 3 mints for the dog code.


Haha, but they’re chocolate bars.


That is A LOT of comments!!

alex jones

correction it only last for a certain amount of time that one last 30 minets stupid peace>>>

i used it and it does have a serton amolt of time and yo can go in battles with it it last for 30 minutes and if yo want to turn int o a frog the cheat is FROGGY you get frogy fries and eat them.


frogs are stupid i like the spook sphere better


does anyone know how to get the bear code? i have been dieing to know it!


I saw someone as a tiny creme-coloured small dog. I only know barkbark and that turns you into a brown floppy-eared large dog. Is there a code for the small dog?


get new codes we need new codes


plz can i have some codes


Dus eny1 no where 2 get the code 4 a small dog, my friend turned into 1 and i dont no how to, plzz help my avatar is called Hannah Flamethreads.


i want it because its awsome


i want to know the code to the wolf…i have been looking for it for a while. oh and i love free realms. i also wnat to turn into the small white dog. :)

Amber Icebreath

well where do i get the snacks at tell me that if you can cause i’m really depreat of turning to a dog so help me please and you can add me if i’m online but if you do please give me things for free okai? thanks


This is so cool but i need to know how to get a small head on free realms


i’m back ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


plz plz plz plz plz plz plz post sc codes ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

taylor nguyen

i got this item for my charater and when my friends sall my charater she ferked.


plz plz i really went it really bad plz plz!!!!!!

jafari joseoh

ladies does be all over me but i realy need a code


i know a cheat code i got one to for a sheeep

thonas harry nan

HELP i need sc and wolf code ill tell you what if you want to be a dog enter barkbark and equip it then click it


well the wolf code is like the very 1 one i found out about but here it is the wolf code is….is….is….is PXNH6HB

Lolz I am awsome!!!

Can I hve more codes pls? and if anyone knows how t get a turtle code pls tell. I really need new codes!!!
pls pls pl pls pls!!!

From Lolz I am Awsome!!!

P.S say hi to my bestie Ryan!


hi, btw have any of you played wolf quest?




>.> >.> wht were we talking about again? oh yah spider snack x] anyways for all of you who wanna creep out pll who hate spiders and are deathly afraid of them (yes i do hate spiders) this is a good snack for y’ll for pll like me however, idk why you would wanna redeem this, maybe a disguise or something but i redeemed it and i dont know why – sigh – oh well


i saw someone turn into a snake and i really want to kno the code

wolfeye mist

i want to know how to stay a wolf for a long time.

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