How to Leave a Group in FreeRealms

Leaving a group is not as easy as you think, when you are not the Group Leader!

You’d think it would be a bit more straight-forward to leave a group when you are not the group leader. There is no single click or command to leave a FreeRealms group — you have to follow these three steps in order:

1. Click your character’s PORTRAIT in the top left corner of your screen

2. Click the small X that appears on your portrait to open a small window

3. Click LEAVE, which will allow you to disband from your current group

If you are in multiple groups, a group tree will appear and allow you to choose different groups to exit.

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Apple Twix

Good to know. I hate it when I just want to do a small quest without invited everyone I happen to be linked up with. D:

tommy faithorb

how can you be in multiple groups?


plis plis plis plis plis plis

tatiana wolfcloud

umm, yeah all it says on mine is delete character and i am in a crappy group i dont want to delete my character pls help me more.

Paulina Elmspire

ok well it doesnt even show the X so idk wat to do..

nanny perez

when i click on my picture nothing happens so plzz help i hate being in groups

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