Crystal Hammer

Crystal Hammer Item


Enter Redeem-A-Code N4PF9R3 to unlock a Crystal Hammer for Brawlers




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I’m currently a level 4 brawler, and I personally love running around with this weapon. I end up getting a lot more Duel Requests Accepted for some reason, too.

Great code.

I’m going to 2nd that comment. This is my favorite code… as I am using it in game actually.

I want to use the Shadowblade, soon as I figure out what job it is for — I’m guessing…ninja?!


why dont any of the facebookfan codes work

There could be a problem with Redeem-A-Code functionality for FreeRealms.

A few people have reported an issue, and it might be due to people redeeming their Beta Tester gifts (like the unique tshirt).

I’d suggest submitting a trouble ticket at and then let us know how it works out.

If the Facebook codes work for anyone else, please post your results here so we know these codes are still functional!


XD i’m the cow in the sceen shot lols

And, yes, I did bonk the cow on the head with the Crystal Hammer.


LOL everybody’s intimidated by me when i hold that, no one wants to duel with me in sanctuary when i’m equipped with that! XD LMAO


oO goody tell me ur ign i love to duel anybody =D

Richard skyhill

well shadow blade is for ninja . u;re right .


8D this is awesome and most ppl try to win a duel with me and never win ive only lost one duel the whole time ive been on free realms


This is cool if you arent a very experienced brawler, because they ended up using the same hammer for really expensive and powerful weapons in the Coin Shop.

troy lee vernor

man this crystal hammer rock try it

troy lee vernor

the nija is better


yea tell me about it


YO! YO! YO! this is sharaco up here on the line and if u lookin’ for a freakin’ guild come see me! yo the names Jared Hawkglade! Guilds Remake! if u wanna be in THIS GUILD GOIN WORLD WIDE!! if u in remake this yo leader! im here to say we lettin’ all yall scripples in on 3/1/11 on!! but damn we got requirements we aint no free guild!!


hey!!! hey!! hey!! all yall scripplez we got requirements and here they are!!!!!!!!: gotta be lvl 10 in a freestyle job or a like fisherman or kart driver or demo driver we all lvl 15 in combat OR MORE!!!!! jobs like ninja, brawler, warrior,archer,ANY COMBAT LVL 15 OR MORE!!!!!!!!! NO EXEPTIONS!!!!!!

Chloe Ringcharm

Wow Jyden! I Love This Hammer. In Battle All Of My Enemies Will Be Killed And Destroyed In No Time! Also What A Pretty And Shiny Looking Hammer. Thanks, Jyden!


Cool.Good weapon for warrior.Ok go later.

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