Bullhorn Ninja Cowl

Bullhorn Ninja Cowl Item


Enter Redeem-A-Code DRINKMILK to unlock the Bullhorn Ninja Cowl item!


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Somehow I ended up wearing this while being Adventurer job. But then I switched jobs and it fixed.

Should have taken screenshot. !

Jailor Trevocca

This is my new favorite item, I wear it all the time now! It’s too bad though, my Ninja Trial expired, so I can’t battle with it.


hey how come i dont have all the stuff on my chaacter that i redeemed on this website?


woot nevermind just had to wait a min thanks alot bro yur so beast!


i need a lot of ninja swords


if you find a ninja weapon give it to me fast or i will poop on your head

Reggie Spiritbow

lol ninja cow ROLF

demarcus calloway

i need alot of ninga stuff

demarcus calloway

i need new codes plz


lolz my friend was wearing this and my other friend was like, “nice bull mask thing O_O,” and…well… its just so funny NINJA COW!!

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